Welcome to the EC "Cvetic" Website!

Dear Parents,
welcome to the new presentation of our daycare center, "Cvetic"!

Nine years ago we were just one of the new daycare centers in our city, well equipped and with modern ideas of how to work with children and how to provide for their needs. A substantial number of seminars, trainings and practices, which have improved the quality of work in our facility, are behind us. By means of a quality education program, a good attitude towards children and a constant investment in ourselves, we have managed to remain at the very top throughout the years. Our work is evidenced by many colleagues, friends of this facility, and satisfied parents.

Children are taken care of by a professionally trained staff; in our work we apply the most contemporary educational programs that are licensed and approved by the Ministry of Education and Sport. Parents are daily informed about their children’s  work and progress, they have access to a curriculum that is being applied and cheerful children's drawings smile at them from our wall panels.
The crown to our work and commitment are our theater plays that are pleasant to watch and excite general enthusiasm of the audience, as all our children take part in them and they represent genuine little dramatic spectacles. This year, for the first time, we participated in the Festival of Children's Dramatic Arts, "Dedar", in Smederevo. After our material, which we submitted to the Commission in applying, had been reviewed, we were invited to participate with our author's performance of "Laza, a mama’s boy". Our little actors were happy and "Dedar" will remain a wonderful keepsake and another bond with "Cvetic."
I hope you will enjoy looking through our website, through which we tried to recreate the atmosphere that prevails in "Cvetic". Love, friendship, respect, and work is our motto and we build it into our children’s characters with great patience. Our daycare center is a second home to the children and provides them with security, their first knowledge and experiences on their way to adulthood.
Invest in your children; it is the only investment that will definitely pay off!

With respect,
Danijela Djurovic