A School for Nannies

A school for nannies is our latest project which will give the future nurses the necessary qualifications for performing this responsible and demanding job. In our program, the title of a professional nanny is obtained after 100 hours of training. The training includes a theoretical part, a practical part and workshops. The theoretical part consists of five sections, and the lecturers are a pediatrician, a psychologist, a pedagogue and the professor of English language. Nannies will have a mandatory first aid training, and all this is preceded by passing an eliminating psychological test. After completing the course, nannies take the final test and receive a certificate in Serbian and in English. Each nanny receives an opinion (or a recommendation) about their personal commitment during training, as well as a place on our website to facilitate their communication with parents, the prospective users.

The terms for organizing the school for nannies depend on the dynamics of the participants’ enrollment. For more information, please contact us personally.