Additional Activities in our Daycare Center

We have further enriched the activities in our daycare center with visits to a puppet theater, cinema, book fairs, Jagodina Zoo, participation in spring environmental workshops, attendance in a pedagogical class at the symphony orchestra, participation in fundraising events, and organizing a number of children’s plays. Our plays are rich, with varied topics and lots of songs and performances. We are proud to say that all of our children take part in our plays.

We are pleased and proud to have participated in the tenth Festival of Children's Dramatic Arts, "Dedar" in Smederevo. Our older educational group gave a performance of a play called "Laza, mama’s boy", the author of which was one of our teachers. This beautifully designed and organized festival gave the children the opportunity to present themselves as real actors on the "boards that mean the world" but also the chance to see the plays of daycare centers from other cities. Our daycare and our children have received commendations and a valuable experience to remember from participating in this festival.