Additional Services

The additional services that the daycare center provides include:

  • A program for preschoolers
  • Drama workshops
  • NTC workshops

Preparatory pre-school education takes place at schools during the school year, for a period of three to four hours a day. The rest of the time your children can spend at Cvetic, where they will finish their homework, socialize with their peers and be safe. A brand new classroom has been equipped on the ground floor of our daycare center specifically for preschoolers. The additional programs that will be implemented in our work with preschoolers are the NTC learning system and the English language classes.

Drama workshop for children aged 5 to 10 will be carried out twice a week at the appointed time. The aim of this workshop is to free the children from the fear of public speaking, to improve the quality of speech in children and, of course, for the children to have fun. We planned two public performances during the school year.

NTC workshop is one of the most popular workshops throughout Serbia. It is designed for children aged 6 to 14 and children are organized in groups according to their age. The program varies depending on the age, and it includes the combination of physical activity with pictorial learning, identifying the characteristics of different states (state outlines, anthems, flags, national costumes, ...), solving puzzles, double associations. The goal of this program is to develop in children the ability to acquire functional knowledge, improve the speed of thinking and reasoning, and facilitate solving the given problematic situations.

More and more schools in Serbia, and in our city, have their teaching staff trained in the application of NTC system of learning in regular classes. Staying in our educational groups and attending NTC workshop will allow your child to easily master the subject matter, to understand better, learn faster and retain the knowledge for longer.