Child's Adjustment to the Daycare Center

Child’s adjustment (adaptation) to the daycare center is a process. It is, in fact, a process of getting used to a new way of life, new environment, new friends and teachers. Each adjustment takes time. No matter how friendly or open-minded the child is, it may happen that it will spend the first days in daycare crying and waiting for its parents. This is not a sign that our center does not agree with your child, but of the fact that it misses you and that it needs time to accept the change. We suggest that the adjustment period of the child does not last less than two working weeks. During the first week the child should come to the daycare center every day and stay in it starting from an hour (Monday) to four hours (Friday). The second week starts with the length of the stay that the child had already accepted on the previous Friday, and is increased by an hour a day to a full daily stay. This dynamic is certainly subject to change and should follow the child's needs, adapting to them. A child is brought in at the appointed time, in the period after the morning admittance and breakfast, and before lunch and sleeping time. During this period, the child will be able to see the interesting activities at the daycare center, participate in a game, meet friends.

You need to be prepared for the possibility that the child in this adaptive period might refuse to eat or sleep at the daycare center. That should not concern the parents because it will simply disappear as soon as the child starts to feel kinship with the teachers or other children in the daycare center.

During our extensive experience, we have often heard parents ask, "What if my child does not adapt?". That is not really possible. Every child will in time adjust, but some need more, and some need less time. Therefore, dear parents, arm yourselves with patience and go for it! There is nothing better you could provide for your child than being in a high quality, stimulating environment, such we have in Cvetic.