Parenting School

In cooperation with Belgrade's famous psychologist Irena Lobodok Štulic (Tim Psihokod), we started the first parenting school. The parents enthusiastically welcomed the idea, so our each and every workshop was more successful than the previous one. Good advice is worth gold, so parents can adopt and implement many useful things from an experienced psychologist.

The name of our first workshop was "Between strictness and leniency," with the following topics:

  • The question of authority and educational styles within a family
  • The types of educational styles and their effect on children's development
  • Developmentally stimulating educational style: what does it include, how to implement it and why doing so is not so easy

How to increase educational influence of the adult on children? Why do children growing up need both permits and restrictions, freedom and guidance, and above all understanding and support? How do we ensure that we provide it all in the right extent and in a right way?

The topics of the following workshops were suggested by the parents who gladly and openly participated in their realization. No matter how good a parent you are, you can always become an even better one!