Pedagogical Class

We are planning on going to Nis Symphony Orchestra in October for a pedagogical class. There we will learn about the various instruments and enjoy the music.

Children's Week

The Children's Week will mark the first week of October. We will learn about children’s rights and spend time and socialize with poets and actors. We are also a host to a theater group "Pepino".

Dr. Ranko Rajović visiting "Cvetic"

In the second half of September, we will socialize with Dr. Ranko Rajovic who will visit our children, and for the parents of our children he will hold a thematic meeting on the importance of the application of NTC learning program for an early child development and detection of gifted children.

Our birthday and our Saint’s Day

On September 15th we will celebrate the ninth birthday of our daycare center and on September 22th the Saint’s Day of our daycare center, St. Joachim and Anna.


From this year on we have a solution for preschoolers as well. We have established a cooperation with "Vozd Karadjordje" primary school, where we take our children to attend the compulsory pre-school program, and then we return them to "Cvetic" for a bit of socializing and learning until mom and dad get to pick them up on their way from work.


We are ready for September. At first it brings tears, and then the smiling faces of our new friends. Welcome!